Excel consultants strategic planning and feasability studyNeeds Assessment
An external study of an organization’s client population to determine if their needs are being fully met or if the organization should modify, expand or launch services/programs to satisfy the need. This is essential research to ensure you are fulfilling your mission.

Fundraising Audit
Provides an overview of the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization’s operations, resources and fundraising methods. It examines the internal strengths and weaknesses of the organization’s ability to meet its’ fundraising targets. A training audit is often included in this process.

Training Audit
An internal review that identifies critical gaps in workforce knowledge, skill and resources that are preventing your organization from fulfilling its’ goals. An assessment will help you determine the training needs of your staff necessary to meet current goals or launch new initiatives.

Feasibility Study
An objective survey of an organization’s fundraising potential by reviewing the organization’s case, reputation and support with prospective donors. This reveals the conditions required for success including strategies, timelines and fundraising goals for your organization.


We will help your non-profit achieve its fundraising goals through our on-the-job and job shadowing services

2 ΣXCELerated Campaign™
For clients new to fundraising or looking to maximize campaign speed and efficiency, EXCEL will place an on-site, full-time, Campaign Traininer with your organization to provide campaign training and management services. This comes with our EXCEL Guarantee™ of completion within 12-months.

ΣXCELerated Campaign™
For clients needing additional experience in campaign operations, EXCEL will direct your campaign daily from our head office and make regular on-site training and leadership visits. This comes with our EXCEL Guarantee ™ of completion within 18-months.

DIY Campaign
For in-house campaigns needing a kick-start, EXCEL offers Do-It-Yourself campaign management tools and on-site personal training. DIY Campaigns commonly take 24-36+ months to complete depending on available internal expertise and resources.

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