London (February, 2008) – A well-trained staff is your organization’s greatest asset.
This is the philosophy behind the launch of EXCEL’s latest service, the EXCEL@ ConsulTraining Series.

“We wanted to offer non-profits the best of two worlds: the expertise of a consultant at the cost of workshop”, says Darryl Swain of the EXCEL Consulting Group. “Our innovative ConsulTraining sessions guide trainees through the process of creating a self-directed customized fundraising plan in a classroom setting.

ConsulTrainers present course material in easy-to-understand hands-on exercises allowing trainees to develop a fundraising plan as they learn new fundraising skills. “Not only does the non-profit get a professional customized plan but being involved in the process ensures that they acquire the skills required to implement the fundraising program on their own”, beamed Swain.

“We teach you how to concentrate your focus, energy and efforts on high-priority, high-value actions. You will achieve your professional goals and become more productive and efficient,” assured Swain.

The classroom format allows non-profits to share the cost of having a consultation resulting in significant cost savings to the organization. And being able to implement the fundraising themselves results in further savings. In all, Swain estimates “clients can save more than 90% on their consulting costs.”

The EXCEL@ ConsulTraining Series will first launch EXCEL@Major Gifts followed by EXCEL@Capital Campaigns, EXCEL@Planned Giving and EXCEL@Leadership.

Swain said, “These new training services will also be offered at client’s place of business for those who have specific needs, want to accelerate the training period or want to train multiple staff in a cost-effective way in the convenience of their own offices.”

In support of the training, EXCEL will provide coaching support to meet client’s needs outside the classroom such as unlimited phone, email and online forum coaching.


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